December 21, 2019


An area has a thunder strike potential over time. Positivity means highest likeliness. #meterology #physics #weather Here my work to elucidate this: df from near to far which is from negative infinity to positive infinity this is usually just 100 either way on a Ti-87. Then aendfe...e7 divided by 7andhilmnop. The first seven is the width of the Earth in meters. The second 7 is the horizon distance in miles per hour across the distance of the Earth from 1 mile up. 7 would be Earth here. 5 would be Mars. The first a is the area width of the Moon. The second a is the area width of the Star nearest us. The e is the distance before the horizon line area up to 19 minutes after a turn in a orbit. This equation was developed me Salomon Eli Farin. This is my work. The second e is the Earth or planet size in meters cubed. This goes from exact center to tip of outer orbit not affected by atmosphere. Solve this as a var7 on a Ti-91 to Ti-97 not just a Ti-81+ ok. The first n is a number. This is the number of miles in a full orbit around the world at LEO. Solve this as a var1. The second n is a different number, it is the exact distance in miles square of the GEO orbit length around the planet in question.solve this as a var3. The third n is a difference number, it is the distance in square miles of the second LEO of the nearest neighbor. For us this is Mars. I solved it, it is 7.9 thousand miles. d is a differential equation from farthest to nearest this at least 1 hundred thousand both ways. f is the far point nearest the sun that the planet travels to in distance from the exact center of the Earth or planet to the exact center of the Sun at that time. The next e is at the center of the next orbit halfway back at that original point in time in hours per meter squared away in a orbit that actually is predicted by past knowledge to happen. This is var8. For us the equation to find it is e here is equal to 7 times the exact center of the Earth or planet width at that time divisored by 17 over the y position on the plane minus the x^7. That is our solar system. It is all various ellipses, these positions are in square meters per hour here over the course of their time in minutes per year divisored by 12. The next variable here is h it is a new number, it is the height of the planet from base point at the tip if the south pole over the length surface of the true shape of the ground at that slice in meters square. i is the imaginary number indicator, they exist in our universe, this proves the theory should be named spacial 4 here. l us the real number length of the area in question in meters per mile discussed. This is 7 on Earth for every square inch of territory. This is spacial dimension 4. m is miles in our terms normal around the zone you are looking at. n was already discussed it is real here as well. o is orbit distance from true space, this is var3 here. p is plane dimension around the zone discussed exactly 100 miles up, this us where a lightning bolt actually starts and is the same for each true planet, it is in nano-Clolumbs per meter up, on Earth I calculate this to be 7. On Mars this one is 7. On Earth 1 (Venus) this is 3. On Mercury this is 3. On Jupiter this is 7. On Saturn this is 3. On Neptune this is 1. On Pandora this is 3. On Zeus this is 3. On Uranus this is 7.1. By Salomon Eli Farin.