January 6, 2020


#meterology #mars #weather #lightning Lightning on Mars. By Salomon Eli Farin. All my work. df from near to far. aedfs..dfS divided by aesdef..eac. The first a is the area in question in meters squared this is var1. The e is the exact dot location from the pole south longitudinal nearest where you think the strike zone will be this is var0. d is derived number from near to far. f is function of the next variable. s is the battery constant var7 for an element on mars, it is 1.123455678901791235679107991 on Jupiter, in Venus it is 1.79765432179 repeats until the 9th repetition after the original 7 , on Uranus it is 1.1234561799999771222220345670111111012345679901223345679111111111111110, on Earth it is 7.79999777999777979797997791. On Mercury it is 1.123111111111110112345679013456790123456798111111111111101357912345600123456799123456791234567913123. On Mars it is 1.1234512345101011111111111111111111. On Charon it is 1.79012345679023456790123456791111111111111111111. Use one or up to 7 to see lightning travel between planets. Next is the d derived f function of S the battery element. It is the majority of the mantle, 97.5%. Not just the core the entire assumed mantle solid or liquid. Next under the divide line is area of the surface area of the planet or Moon as a var1 in meters squared. e is the editor of motion surface effect it is the spin rate divided by spin orientation over the course of an orbit, it is var7, for Mars it is 1.97176543271113176543217 repeats. s is the battery constant of the material if the mantle liquid in the core, for Mars it is Carbon only, for Earth it is Iron only here as well as the Moon, Uranus, Venus, Saturn, Pluto. It is var3. d is the diameter of the mantle within the core system outside the most central core. It is var7. e is the diameter of the surface in meters cubed. It is var7. f is the factional amount of air pressure in psi area calculate by combining the total pressure of the atmosphere over the total area you got the psi from, it is var4. Use up to 7 for each planet or moon. e is every moon number, Earth has only 3 now, it is var7, and it is an object within Near Earth Orbit over 17 meters squared in area in orbit now. a is area diameter of the nearest diameter moon now it is var7, now it is in 711111701111112345677911.11111111 for Uranus meters cubed, for Earth and one only nearest diameter moon it is 71079799.11111111 repeats here. c is the speed of motion of lightning which means it is slightly off the speed of light here it is meters squared per femtosecond and var7 at 3.07 meters squared per femto second.