December 21, 2019


#meterology #physics Tornadoes are thought to be caused by static electricity because areas high in static electricity would be a difficult thing to measure. Diving rod are believed to use electrical changes. They actually are wood with high levels of iron not really iron wood. The equation to determine area tornado potential is df from near to far which is from negative infinity to positive infinity as 5eafd..ena divided by e3. 5 is the rough diameter curved sine wave from the center of the Earth. 3 is the curve wave cosine function derived from far to near as well. It is inverse 5e. That is all 3 is. e is the constant. This proves the units are meters square per centimeter. It is the measure of a gravity eave emitted from the core of the Earth’s very center itself. This is the final e. The first e is the diameter of the Earth in square miles. The second e is the center of the Earth relative offset from its orbit position in meters square only. The first a is area of the Earth total in kilometers per meter of core. The second a is the geographical distance from the Earths core in meters^1 only. The f or first d there is a function then d from near to far of the degrees from exact zero along the plane of orbit only in meters per square degree. The exact center is farthest point of tip of core. Do this three measures for your area. Exact zero is South not just Southest pointe. North or South are not the same. The three points are circular pointing directly at the Moon. This is my work ok. I am the owner of Graphene Theory sole propriatorship and I will repost this on my website. Ok. soon. n us the number of meters from the core area in height from the core to ground tip. Some areas are so probe just at a level significantly above the surface only. By me, Salomon Eli Farin. December 20, 2019.